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Sales/Ordering process

Quotations and orders are co-ordinated to ensure all deliveries meet with our customer specifications. Required components are then identified for purchase from subcontractors or manufactured in-house.

Subsequently, a layout drawing is produced which is used as a basis for the installation and assembly procedures. This drawing also shows how the lift facility will look after installation.

If the client orders a complete lift system, we carry out a total design control of the lift to ensure that it complies with Lift Directive 95/16/EG and Lift Standard EN81. Mandatory documentation is also compiled and supplied.


We offer full local technical support and training as well as enhancing your sales and marketing activities. We are dedicated to providing high quality products with a strong customer service approach.


GMV Facts

GMV produces over 40,000 components per year
GMV has installed more than 750,000 units of hydraulic components in lifts around the world
GMV is represented in 22 countries
GMV has seven integrated production facilities
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