MRL Traction Units

Ideal for increased travel of 4 levels and above

- All machinery is completely contained within the lift shaft

- Automatic Floor return and door opening in the event of power-cut

- Low ongoing maintenance costs

- Wide range of attractive cabin finishes available

- DDA, EN81 ant Building Regulations Part M compliant

GMV complete the successful Green Lift program with a technical solution, for lifts up to 12 stops, based on:

GearlessBelt (GLB) machine developed with General Electric and especially designed for machineroomless applications provided with:

  • VVVF drive, field oriented vector with sinusoidal encoder
  • Security system device to prevent upward overspeed of the car
  • Emergency device for automatic return to floor in case of power failure
  • Manual rescue operation by UPS
  • TMC car with extensive colour selection
  • Lift range from 320 to 1000 kg
  • Telescopic- or central- opening doors
  • Safe and quick installation
  • Type approved according to the Lift Directive 95/16/EC

Specific advantages of this application are:

  • Reduced energy consumption. Up to 30% less than with geared machine
  • High travelling comfort
  • Superior floor levelling precision

The cabinet is installed on top floor close to the doorframe and contains the complete controller devices. The solution with VVVF and power control in the shaft is optional.

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